NEBDN Information

About The NEBDN

The National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) is the governing body that sets the syllabus and awards the professional qualification that is recognised by the General Dental Council (GDC). As an accredited training centre, The Dental Nurse Academy is required to register students with the NEBDN in order for them to be able to complete their online Record Of Experience (RoE) and to sit the exams. 

Access to the RoE is provided online through the NEBDN’s platform, Pebblepad. Login details are provided via email by the NEBDN once NEBDN Exam registration is confirmed. 

 The process for NEBDN Exam registration is as follows: 

  1. Students complete the NEBDN Initial Assessment Form 

  2. The Student or Employer pays the NEBDN exam fees 

  3. The Dental Nurse Academy registers the student with the NEBDN 

NEBDN Initial Assessment Form 

Students must complete the NEBDN Initial Assessment Form by logging in to the Dental Nurse Academy website, then visiting: 

(note this page is only available to logged-in students)


The NEBDN fees include registration and examinations. These are separate from the Dental Nurse Academy course fees.

Either the student or the employer can pay the fees. If the employer is paying, the NEBDN Information and Employer Letters provided in the Welcome Pack should be given to the employer.

The fees do not need settling immediately, but the sooner registration is completed, i.e. the NEBDN fee is paid, the longer the student will have to complete their online portfolio (RoE) ahead of the examination. Students can discuss timings with the Operations Support Manager on their Welcome Call. Exam date targeting will be based on the student's knowledge and experience.

The NEBDN fee is £510

Fees can be paid via Credit or Debit Card (click here to go to 'my account' and pay online)

If you would prefer to pay via Bank Transfer (BACS) or Cheque, please contact [email protected] to arrange payment.