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A Part Member entitles access to a specific module, but you are strongly advised to become a Full Member (i.e. access to the full course) because only the whole course is fully integrated and geared to fulfilling the requirements of the NEBDN.  The National Diploma in Dental Nursing is awarded for passing the examinations of theoretical and practical competence and submitting satisfactory personal Records of Experience.  This accreditation will allow you to register with the General Dental Council as a qualified, registered Dental Nurse. 


You can opt to buy a part membership at the Academy which will give you access to a specific one of the modules for £300 each or pay just £990 upfront for the full 5-module course. As a FULL member, you may access the library for the duration of your membership.  If it is more convenient for you to pay on a monthly basis, we’re offering full membership on a pay-monthly program. You can access the entire course with 12 monthly payments of £95 per month (a total of £1,140, a saving of £360 on the
per-module price).

NEBDN Fees are not included in the Dental Nurse Academy fees.


The course is broken down into 5 modules (units). Each module has between 6 and 9 lessons. Each lesson is complete with video and audio presentation, full explanatory notes, and tests at the end of each lesson and each module to check that you are making progress.


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A 5-star review from Lydia in Sussex

“The flexibility of this course is exceptional it really lets you mould it to fit around your life and any commitments you have, as well as being able to work full time (especially as all of the lessons are available 24/7)"