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Online Training for Dental Nurse

Join Online. Pay Online. Learn Online

  1. Get your membership ONLINE TODAY
  2. Watch PROFESSIONAL VIDEO LESSONS (pause, rewind and re-watch as much as you like)
  3. You’ll get a WELCOME PACK in the post, and can download notes for each lesson
  4. We provide ALL THE DOCUMENTATION YOU NEED, and work with your employer
  5. GOT QUESTIONS? No problem: just email the Academy or your course tutor for one-one feedback
  6. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS with mini-tests (similar to the exam)

Start your training at anytime of the year

Unlike college courses, we take new students all year round, so you can join right now - TODAY!

As soon as you sign up, you can start learning.
No need to wait for a start date in the year, or a specific day to study.

Structured Learning

Each module is broken into lessons. Videos and notes accompany each lesson. It’s an easy way to learn. All of the lessons are online in video format so you can watch whatever you choose in the comfort of your own home-whenever you want, as often as you want. This will help you to prepare properly for the examination that leads to being awarded the National Diploma in Dental Nursing.

Download notes with every lesson means you don't needto take notes, and every lesson and every module has a mini test to see how you are progressing and to give you practice for the exam.

Dental nurse video training

Comprehensive video lessons for every topic. Pause, rewind and rewatch as much as you want. You have up to 2 year’s access to the online video library and all Dental Nurse Academy facilities, so you can learn at your own pace. Viewing is easy: just log in and choose a lesson.  The videos are 15-30 minutes long, making them easy to digest.

Free Sample Video

Featuring clips from 3 different lessons, watch this sample video absolutely free and see for yourself just how easy it is.

Downloadable Notes

Downloadable notes accompany each video. Write your own notes and annotations and see detailed explanations. Afterwards, you can download the detailed notes that go with the lesson, and in your welcome pack you will have a test paper for every lesson and every module. Mark them yourself from the detailed answer sheet we provide. The tests reinforce your knowledge and provide excellent practice for the real exam.

Personal course tutor

Once you have joined the NEBDN, one-to-one support from a personal tutor. Getting help is easy... just send your tutor an email.  So that you don’t feel on your own, a personal tutor is appointed to you. The role of the personal tutor is largely to ensure your coursework called the Record of Experience, is in line with the standards set by the NEBDN and to direct you towards the finishing line.  We try to help you every step of the way.  Any questions you have will be answered by your tutors.

Other teams members that you can contact before your tutor is appointed include the Course Director, Head Tutor, Operations Director, Operations Support Manager and the Admin team.


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