Benefits for Employers

Not only is the Dental Nurse Academy better for students, but it's great for employers too.

Here are some of the reasons you should put your trainees through the Dental Nurse Academy course this year:

We save money. 24/7 availability means no breaks in teaching so we don’t waste any funds in absence from classes.
  • More convenient training for nurses
  • Less tired staff (no night school attendance)
  • No breaks in teaching (no money wasted)
  • Better training because the course has been developed by dentists with many years’ NHS and private experience
  • Easier monitoring of dental trainee progress
  • The DNA will form a true partnership to ensure nurses are successful
  • Less intrusion at practice is more comfortable for patients
  • Less intrusion at practice is better for the practice operation
  • Easy payment terms
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Putting our trainees through an online course makes complete sense - why didn’t anyone do this years ago!
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