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NEBDN approved Dental Nurse Courses UK

Our Dental Nurse Courses are prepared by practicing dentists with years of experience. Unlike many courses for dental nurses, our training materials are accessible as online videos you can watch on your pc, mac, tablet or smartphone. All our notes are downloadable, and you'll receive a personal tutor to help you learn better. We then work with your employer too, so you gain practical experience on the job before taking your NEBDN Diploma exam and becoming a fully qualified Dental Nurse.

Our Dental Nurse Courses Include:

  • Unlimited access to video lessons written by Partner Dentists
  • Downloadable notes to support your training (photos, diagrams and notes)
  • Detailed Course Welcome Pack sent to you in the post
  • Practice test questions
  • Records of Experience cards supplied so you can evidence your practical experience with your employer
  • Personal course tutor to help you learn, monitor your progress and answer your questions privately, 1 on 1, by email

Here's a short video, less than 2mins 30s from our founder to explain how the course works:

What's better about an online course?

Here are a few of the reasons that our members gave us when we asked them why they choose to study for their NEBDN Diploma online:

  1. More flexible to fit around your home life and your job: Rather than having to attend a set times, you can study whenever you want.
  2. Learning at my own pace: as you can pause, rewind or even re-watch videos, you can be sure you won't miss anything.
  3. You can start at any time throughout the year, so you don't need to wait for courses to be open
  4. With the confidence that our course is approved by the NEBDN, and written by Partner Dentists currently practicing, you can be assured that you receive the very best training available.

Free Sample Lesson - see for yourself how the lessons work

How do I become qualified?

  1. Join the DNA, online, today. £79 per month for 12 months, paid by credit/debit card.
  2. Access video content, download notes and practice tests immediately.
  3. The DNA sends your employer an email as soon as you join. They click a link in the email to confirm their their support for you.
  4. You receive the printed Welcome Pack and Records of Experience documents in the post.
  5. Complete the course and you will be ready for the exam. The DNA will enter you to the NEBDN exam.
  6. Attend an official NEBDN test centre, pass your exam, and you'll receive your National Diploma in Dental Nursing qualification.

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