NEBDN January 2024 OSCE Exam Information


Part 1 - Exam Date, Time and Password


Wednesday 17th January 2024

Start Time:

Exam lasts: 
Approx 1 hour 

Login / password details:
The candidate login details (link and password) will be emailed to candidates directly from the NEBDN on Thursday 11th January  If you have not received it by 9pm that day please initially check your spam and then email the the NEBDN Assessment and Awards team directly to request this to be resent [email protected].
Please do not contact The Academy if you have not received this email.
  We are unable to help as this information is not shared with us.


Part 2 - Exam Dates, Times and Passwords


Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st,Friday 26th & Saturday 27th January 2024
Students will sit this part of the OSCE on one of these dates.  Please save these dates until the NEBDN has confirmed your exact exam date and time.

Exam lasts:
Approximately 50 minutes

Exam Times and Dates:
Candidate times and dates will be emailed to the candidates from the Academy.  We are hoping to receive these from the NEBDN by 15th December 2023.  We will update candidates with specific times and dates as soon as we have them. If you have not received this email from The Academy by Monday 18th December, please initially check your spam and then email [email protected] to request it to be sent again.

EXAM Login / password details:
The candidate login details (link and password) will be emailed to candidates directly from the NEBDN on Wednesday 17th January.  If you have not received it by 5pm that day, please initially check your spam and then email the the NEBDN Assessment and Awards team directly to request this to be resent [email protected].
Please do not contact The Academy if you have not received this email.  We are unable to help as this information is not shared with us.


MANDATORY Exam Preparation Session Dates and Times

ALL candidates (including OSCE re-sits) must complete a mandatory Exam Preparation Session prior to the exam.

This Exam Preparation Session will be similar to the written exam preparation session and run from 9am on Friday 5th January until midday Tuesday 9th January 2024. 

By completing the practice, you will be confirming your place for the exam. 

The session will consist of a tutorial and an opportunity to practice using the exam software. This will not include dental questions but will enable candidates to familiarise themselves with the style of questions used and this differs from the Written exam workbook previously taken.  There are no marks allocated towards the exam either.   A helpful user guide for downloading the MaxExam App is contained in a link further down the page and video of the process can be found:

Preparation Session login:
The NEBDN will email candidate passwords and details for this Preparation Session on Thursday 4th January.  If you have not received it by Friday morning please email the the NEBDN Assessment and Awards team directly [email protected] 
The Academy is unable to help with this as the NEBDN do not share this information with us.  

New software updates have been completed, therefore all resit candidates will be required to download the new software and complete this session too.
Aim to complete the practice session as early as possible. Thereby, allowing the NEBDN time to resolve any issues while the session remains available. Do not leave the practice session to the last minute. If candidates are unable to complete the practice session within the timeframe, the NEBDN has stipulated that they will be deferred to the next written exam and a re-sit fee will be enforced. There will be no exceptions.

If you do not complete the practice session:
1) You may not have the most up to date version of the NEBDN Max Exam Application, which may hinder your ability to access the live examination on the day.
2) Your IT may not be compatible or you may not know how to access the camera or speaker therefore being unable to complete both elements of the OSCE Examination disadvantaging you on the day.
3) Not completing the preparation session impacts on NEBDN’s operational capacity on the day of the live examinations. Meaning this could hinder you or a fellow colleague who completed their practice session and are genuinely having technical issues which they didn't previously experience.

The NEBDN will be unable to support learners on the examination day in downloading the MaxExam application. Therefore, all learners who choose not to complete the practice session need to be aware that this could mean an NEBDN deferral fee (should your ROE be valid)



exam 234

OSCE Workbook Exam Information

Please click on the link for instructions on how to download and install the exam software. Hardware Guidelines

Computer Health Check
Click on this link, read and run through the guide to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your exam.  This contains the technical information you need regarding computer hardware and software in order to sit the exam.  Computer Health check  
On the day, make sure that your laptop is plugged into a power source so that it does not lose power during the exam.

Setting up for the exam
You should take this exam in a quiet environment either at work or at home. No one else should be in the room, or enter the room, for the duration of the exam. You should not communicate with anyone (other than NEBDN) during the exam.  You are not allowed any textbooks or exam material in the exams.  However you are advised to take a blank piece of paper and pen to wrote notes with should you wish.

Admittance to the exam
You must ensure that you are logged on at least 15 minutes prior to the start  of the exam. It will not be possible to start the exam earlier than the given start time. A step by step login guide will be provided at the time. If you require assistance at any time call NEBDN 01772 429917.

Electronic Mobile Devices
You are allowed to have your mobile device to hand, but it must be switched off, unless you have been allocated a NEBDN Reader.  Put the NEBDN telephone number in your contacts in case you need to call them for advice in the middle of your exam.

During the exam
If you lose internet connection, don’t panic, continue to answer the questions as normal. The data will still be recorded in the application. Usually the internet reconnects without intervention.
If you cannot submit your assessment at the end of the exam, you will receive an error message. Click retry.
If the error message occurs again, click exit. Then reconnect your internet and log back into the exam App. Upon logging into the App it will automatically submit your assessment.

Time During the Exam
It is important that you complete all questions. Monitor the time. In the bottom right-hand corner of your screen the time remaining will start to count down as soon as you click start to begin the exam.

Finishing the exam
At the end, click on Menu at the bottom of the screen, then click Finish the Exam.

Monitoring Examinees
The MaxExam software is sophisticated in monitoring your performance. The software produces cheat analysis reports for NEBDN. If your device is used to access the internet to search for answers, the software will lockdown your device.
During the exam the software will also alert NEBDN of any suspicious, unusual or concerning behaviour.
The time given for questions would not allow you time to search for answers, anyway. Therefore, act professionally and with honesty.



The NEBDN has produced a brief video of an example of what the Online OSCE will look like for candidates with key information provided. Please note; the station included in the video is not a live OSCE station and is purely an example.

After the Workbook and Zoom Exams

* Discuss questions or answers with anyone.
* Try to discover how others faired
* Make enquiries about questions for future exams

NEBDN scans various forms of social media for candidates who share information. Communication through social media could breach professional standards and principles of honesty and integrity, jeopardising your exam result and career.

We recommend candidates use and familiarise themselves with the Zoom technology prior to the exam.

It is advised that you always act professionally during the exam, do not leave the room, do not have anyone else in the room with you (including pets) dress appropriately, do not eat, smoke/vape.
REMEMBER: You are on camera, in an exam environment!

NEBDN OSCE Online Information And Professionalism

The NEBDN has provided an FAQ document for all candidates to read containing important information for the online OSCE.  Click here to view.

The NEBDN recognise that online exams provide flexibility and candidates often sit in their homes or their clinical settings. NEBDN has been very clear on expectations around adhering to exam conditions and maintaining standards of professionalism during an online exam and yet on occasion, unacceptable conduct has been identified. 

Examples of unacceptable conduct include:

- being inappropriately dressed - dressing gowns, hoodies where faces are obscured, pyjamas
- allowing someone else to be present in the room and showing the exam questions to them
- using pre-prepared written or printed notes or other reference material during an exam
- deliberately covering the webcam during an invigilated exam
- sharing answers to exam questions with other learners via social media 

Unacceptable conduct during an exam has resulted in the withholding of results, formal investigations, and where necessary, disqualification and/or being subject to fitness to practice proceedings.  Please act with professionalism throughout your exams.



The NEBDN will email student results directly on Thursday 29th February 2024  If after checking your spam you have not received them that day by 9pm, please contact the NEBDN Assessment Team directly.


Key Dates

OSCE exam times and dates sent to students: 15-18th December 2023

OSCE preparation session login details sent to students: Thursday 4th January 2024

OSCE Mandatory Exam Preparation Session: Friday 5th January at 9am – Tuesday 9th January at 12pm (midday) 2024

OSCE Workbook login details sent to learners: Thursday 11th January 2024

OSCE Workbook exam day: Wednesday 17th January 2024

OSCE Zoom invites sent to learners: by Wednesday 17th January 2024 
We recommend learners practice using Zoom prior to this date.

OSCE Zoom Exam days: Friday 19th, Saturday  20th, Sunday 21st, Friday 26th & Saturday 27th January 2024
The exam will be on one of these dates.

OSCE Results: Thursday 29th February 2024