We work with your employer to provide the best teaching possible

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Our Commitment

When you enrol with the Dental Nurse Academy, we believe you are entering a partnership between the DNA, your employer and yourself.

We all have a big interest in seeing you succeed and have agreed to help you in every way that we can. Therefore our partnership agreement with your employer includes provision of training and supervision to make you the best dental nurse that you can be.

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What Your Employer Needs To Do

Your employer has to provide a GDC-registered witness (or witnesses). The witness will give up time to witness, perhaps supervise, sometimes to teach, but always to provide you with opportunity to learn your profession in a working environment. 

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Records of Experience

The Records of Experience (RoE) that you complete are testimony to the training provided by your employer, and we look forward to working with them on your behalf. These records form part of your proof that you are ready to take the Diploma exams, and we work with you and your employer to ensure these practical exercises are done correctly.

Your online log of the RoE is reviewed by your personal tutor, who will provide feedback where necessary or mark the work as satisfactory.

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Your Employer's Commitment

When you join the Academy as a new member, we'll email your employer automatically to ask for their support. All they need to do to confirm this is click a link in the email.

Within 30 days, once your employer has confirmed their support, full activation of your membership takes place and you have access for up to 2 years. To confirm this, all your employer needs to do is click a link in the email we send them on your behalf. Once this happens, our system will automatically process your membership.

Before this point you will still have access to all our online resources (including all the video lessons) so you can start learning straight away.

A 5-star review from Kayleigh, Dorset

“Thank you Dental Nurse academy for a great training program. Lots of great help with the revision pages and also the mock paper tests which helped a lot!"


A 5-star review from Kacie, Lincoln

“The support I received was amazing and any questions or concerns I had were answered so quickly I barely had time to worry."


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