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Joining the Dental Nurse Academy is easy. You can do it all online!

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How to Join the Academy

In a few easy steps, you can join online now and be watching your course in a few minutes. Complete the online application, select a payment method, gain instant temporary access, and start watching. Once your application is complete, we'll email your employer immediately asking for their confirmation that they will support your training.

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Employer Support

Within 30 days, once your employer has confirmed their support, full activation of your membership takes place and you have access for up to 2 years. To confirm this, all your employer needs to do is click a link in the email we send them on your behalf. Once this happens, our system will automatically process your membership.

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Prospectus Download

Our prospectus, available as a downloadable PDF, is useful either for yourself or to show your employer. It's a concise 2-sided A4 format, with a full module list of everything you'll learn, overview of how the course works, price list and other useful information like our NEBDN registration details and how the Diploma is viewed by the General Dental Council (GDC). If you have any questions you can always contact us directly.

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Flexible Payment Options

We have several flexible payment options: we accept all major credit and debit cards and Paypal, or pay by cheque if you prefer.

Pay online today with your credit or debit card for a discount, spread your membership payments over 12 months, or contact us to to be sent a form if you want to apply offline and pay be cheque. Visit our pricing page for full details. It’s simple, so sign up now!

We also have a money back guarantee. If your application is not supported, you will only be charged a £20 administration fee. The rest of the money you paid wil be refunded in full.

You're on number 5 of 5 steps on the Dental Nurse Academy tour

The DNA course is so much better for me because after a hard day at work I don’t feel like going out to college.
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